Significant Papers

Each year, starting 2008, ITC chooses the most significant paper published ten years before.The papers are judged on

  • Impact and Significance

  • Relevance

  • Historical Interest

The awards thus far (by year of publication) are:


A Structured and Scalable Mechanism for Test Access to Embedded Reusable Cores, by E.J. Marinissen, R. Arendsen, G. Bos, H. Dingemanse, M . Lousberg, C. Wouters


Defect-based Delay Testing of Resistive Vias-Contacts: A Critical Evaluation by K. Baker, G. Gronthoud, M. Lousberg, I. Schanstra, C. Hawkins


Wrapper Design for Embedded Core Test by E.J. Marinissen, M. Lousberg, S. Goel\


OPMISR: The Foundation for Compressed ATPG Vectors by C. Barnhart, V. Brunkhorst, F. Distler, O. Farnsworth, B. Keller, B. Koenemann


Embedded Deterministic Test for Low-Cost Manufacturing Test by J. Rajski, M. Kassab, N. Mukherjee, R. Thompson, T. Kun-Han, A. Hertwig, N. Tamarapalli, G. Mrugalski, G. Eide, Mentor Graphics, J. Tyszer, Poznan University of Technology, J. Qian, Cisco Systems


A Case Study of IR-Drop in Structured At-Speed Testing by J. Saxena, K. Butler, V. Jayaram, S. Kundu, N. Arvind and P. Sreeprakash, Texas Instruments; M. Hachinger, Siemens


Scan-based Side-Channel Attack on Dedicated Hardware Implementations of Data Encryption Standard by B. Yang, K. Wu, R. Karri, Polytechnic University


Invisible Delay Quality Lights Up What Could Not Be Seen by Yasuo Sato, Seiji Kajihara, Toshiyuki Maedo, Atsuo Takanori and Y. Nozuyama


Preferred Fill: A Scalable Method to Reduce Capture Power for Scan Based Designs by Santiago Ramersaro, Xijiang Lin, Zhuo Zhang, Sudhakar Reddy, Irith Pomeranz and Janusz Rajski