Test Week Tutorials

ITC 2014 Tutorials

ITC 2014 offers 12 tutorials, taught by leading experts, over two days. Catch up on the latest in an area with advanced tutorials or learn the basics. Tutorial titles appear below, for details go to the TTEP Tutorials Home Page.

You can register for tutorials as part of the regular ITC registration on the ITC Registration Page.

Sunday Morning, October 19 Sunday Afternoon, October 19
Testing of TSV-Based 2.5D- and 3D-Stacked ICs – Basic

Erik Jan Marinessen and
Krishendu Chakrabarty


Testing of TSV-Based 2.5D- and 3D-Stacked ICs – Advanced

Erik Jan Marinessen and
Krishendu Chakrabarty

Mixed-Signal DFT & BIST: Trends, Principles, and SolutionsSteve Sunter Practices in High Speed
I/O Testing
Salem Abdennadher and Saghir A. Shaikh
Hardware Security and TestRamesh Karry, Yiorgos Makris, Miodrag Potkonjak, Ozgur Sinanoglu and Peilin Song Delay Test: Concepts, Theory
and Recent Trends
Suriyaprakash Natarajan and Arani Sinha
Monday Morning, October 20 Monday Afternoon, October 20
Hierarchical Test for Today’s SOCSYervant Zorian  Hierarchical Scan CompressionYu Huang, Brion Keller and Adam Cron
Statistical Adaptive Test
Methods Targeting “Zero
Defect” IC Quality and Reliability
Adit Singh Memory Test and Repair in Nanometer EraManuel D’Abreu and Yervant Zorian
Test, DIagnosis, and Root-Cause Identification of Failures For Boards And SystemsKrishendu Chakrabarty, Bill Eklow and Zoe Conroy Practices in RF IC TestingSalem Abdennadher and Saghir A Shaikh