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ITC 2013 Focus Features

ITC Focus Feature for 26 August 2013 – Why you have to go to ITC

For our last Focus Feature of 2013, here are just some of the reasons to attend ITC in 2013.
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Why attend?

  • Six days of events to make you better at testing, from Tutorials Sunday and Monday to Workshops Thursday and Friday.
    New this year – half day tutorials, and the embedded DATA-2013 Workshop on Thursday.
  • Networking – always a top reason to attend. Meet old friends and co-workers, find out what is really going on outside the walls of your company. To help you network we have
    Parties – starting with the Monday Reception at 6 PM, following Panel 1 and the Grand Reception at 6:30 Tuesday. This reception is outside this year, so enjoy the southern California weather.
  • Keynote Addresses – This year we have keynotes on all days of ITC, beginning with Challenges in Mobile Devices: Process, Design and Manufacturing, Kwang-Hyun Kim, Executive Vice-President, Samsung Electronics at the Plenary on Tuesday. For more on our keynoters, see our Focus Feature on Keynotes or the Advance Program.
  • ITC Exhibits. See the latest in Test hardware, software and services. We have over 15% additional exhibitors over 2012, many exhibiting at ITC for the first time. Come down to the floor to see how they can help you.
    Exhibits are free all three days – register for them at the show.
  • The Technical Program. Papers, Lecture Series and Advanced Industrial Practices, Panels and Posters. All the latest advances. All of these have made it through our rigorous review process.
    Plus, you have access to our electronic on-line proceedings, and this year you get the ITC presentations as part of your registration fee, a savings if $25.
  • Convenient Location. The Disneyland Hotel is easy to get to from anywhere in the LA area, and a short drive from San Diego. It is right off the I-5 freeway – signs for Disneyland are hard to miss.
    From Silicon Valley it is a pleasant drive down I-5 or 101, or take one of the many Bay Area to LA/Orange County flights.
    This coming in by air can use the Super Shuttle or the Disneyland Express – follow the link for a discount coupon.
  • Last Chance to combine a visit to ITC and a visit to Disneyland. ITC is moving for 2014 – location to be announced at the Plenary – so this is your chance to extend your trip and visit the Magic Kingdom and the new, improved California Adventure parks.

See you at ITC in just two weeks!

ITC Focus Feature for 19 August 2013 – TestWeek Workshops

Test is a quickly changing field. There are many areas of test which are hot or getting hotter. At ITC there is room for only a few papers on such subjects, but TestWeek Workshops give you the chance to see a full day of presentations on one subject.

ITC papers must have solid results, which means that they report on work that has been completed. But what about work that is preliminary, that is in the idea form? ITC attendees are the best audience in the world to give feedback on new ideas, coming from a wide range of companies and universities. Workshops offer an excellent means of presenting the latest ideas, and for attendees to hear what is being worked on.

As usual we have three workshops this year:

  • TVHSAC – Test and Validation of High Speed Analog Circuits.

  • 3D-Test – Fourth IEEE International Workshop on
    Testing Three-Dimensional Stacked Integrated Circuits
  • DATA-2013IEEE International Workshop on Digital and Analog Test and Data Analysis

Click on each name to go to the Workshop home page.

In the past you had to choose one of the three workshops, as they were all held in parallel. This year your choice is easier, as the DATA-2013 Workshop is running on Thursday in parallel with the last day of ITC.

Register for a workshop and hear the latest in each of these areas, and meet the experts in an informal setting.

ITC Focus Feature for 12 August 2013 – ITC Exhibits

Test is a pretty specialized area. Though some of us do both test and design, many of us work on test only. Test is also a broad area. Test starts with design, thanks to the now almost universal use of design for testability, but it also is heavily involved in product bring up, manufacturing of course, and through the collection and analysis of data, yield improvement.
The ITC Exhibit Floor is the place to see the latest tools and services to help you get your testing work done faster and better, and let you get a step up on the competition. If you are interested in doing a survey of products you need, ITC is the place to do it.
The great thing about the ITC Exhibit Floor is that everyone there works on some aspect of test. The high density of companies offering test products and test services means you as a visitor the the exhibits floor won’t be wasting your time. If you happen to be an exhibitor, you will find that the quality of visitors to your booth is high. Each knows about test, and each will have the background to understand the advantages of your product.

Want a preview of the Exhibit Floor and the Exhibitors?

Go to the Exhibits Page. There you will find the logos of our current exhibitors. Click a logo to go to their custom ITC page, where you will get their address, link to their web page, and a short summary of their products and company.
The Exhibitors List gives a table of exhibitors. Click on their names to go to their ITC pages.
Finally, to help you navigate, the most recent Floor Plan shows you where everyone is. Don’t print it yet! We are adding exhibitors all the time. A copy will be in your ITC Final Program book.

So, plan to visit the Exhibits Floor often. It is where lunch and refreshments are served, it is the location of the ITC Poster Session and it is where you can visit booths to qualify for our <Passport Program drawing. Full details will be placed in your ITC tote.

See you there! And leave enough time to visit – we have 15% more exhibitors so far this year than last year.

ITC Focus Feature for 5 August 2013 – Test Week Tutorials

If you want to get ahead in the Testing game, you need to keep up with the latest developments. This is hard to do. Test Week Tutorials are a great way learning about that hot new area or even that important old area you’ve just been transferred into.

Despite the best efforts of many ITC participants, universities have few test classes – and perhaps a few of the teachers of those classes haven’t done hands-on test work in quite some time. If you have just graduated, Test Week Tutorials will let you learn the basics, in classes taught by those who know what is important in meeting today’s test challenges. Some examples are Tutorial 7 on delay test, Tutorial 12 on low power test, and Tutorial 13 on memory BIST.

If you are now working in test, you know about today’s challenges – in fact you probably are so busy fighting them that you don’t have as much time as you need to step beyond to study the problems coming down the pike. Attending paper sessions at ITC is a good way of doing this, but sometimes it is hard to put these advances in context. Advanced Test Week Tutorials do this for you. Tutorials 1 and 4 give you background on the increasingly important topic of testing 3D circuits; Tutorials 3 and 6 will let you know how testing can increase the security of the product your IC is going in; and Tutorials 9 and 14 will teach you how to use the same data mining techniques you see on the Web to improve the yield of IC manufacturing.

This year to help you spend your time more efficiently we have gone to half-day tutorials. You can find more information about all of the 2013 tutorials on the ITC Tutorial Page and you can register for the tutorials while registering for ITC and the workshops on the ITC Registration Page.

Attend a tutorial and get a leg up on the competition – and on the faults and defects which plague us.

ITC Focus Feature for 29 July 2013 – ITC Keynote Addresses

In 2013 we have not one, not two but three Keynote Addresses distributed through the three days of ITC. Here are some brief summaries, more information, and the speaker biographies, can be found in the Advance Program

Keynote 1: Challenges in Mobile Devices: Process, Design and Manufacturing, Kwang-Hyun Kim, Executive Vice-President, Samsung Electronics

Most of us carry sophisticated computers in our pockets, which must have high performance while using little battery power. Behind the scenes competitive and prices pressures force the manufacturers to have steep production ramps with high yields. Come hear how one of the leading suppliers of mobile technology makes this happen.

Keynote 2: Compute Continuum and the Nonlinear Validation Challenge, John D. Barton, Vice-President, Architecture Group, Intel Corporation

The Intel architecture drives devices from the deeply embedded to those for the enterprise. All must be validated. How do you balance the differing validation requirements across this wide range of applications with a consistent validation approach. You’ll find out in this keynote.

Keynote 3: Efficient Resilience in Future Systems: Design and Modeling Challenges, Pradip Bose, Manager, Department of Power- and Reliability-Aware Microarchitectures, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

Our silicon today is extremely reliable, but maintaining this reliability is unaffordable in sub-22 nm designs. In the first part of this keynote address you will hear why, in the second part you will hear a vision of cross-layer resilience optimization, which forms the basis of an IBM-led project sponsored by DARPA under its PERFECT program. This will allow customized trade-off analyses to be done for high reliability applications such as defense, server, mainframe and the cloud.